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As one of [post_title]’ leading gated entry providers, we specialize in automated, commercial, electric, and driveway gate installations and repairs. Our emergency service runs throughout the day, all year too. We are California’s best gate specialist.


We are more than a security outfit looking to see that you are safe on your property. We offer peace of mind using the best gates. Whether you are looking to secure, minimize, protect or upgrade the security of your premises, a gate is always a good choice. At Royal Gates Services, we install, maintain, repair, and make recommendations to ensure maximum security on your property.

Welcome once again to Royal Gates Services, where your security means more to us. We specialize in tailored gated entryways to ensure your premises are safe, monitored and operations are smooth. It is easy to fall in love with a gate with the countless designs out in the market, but you have to understand what fits you or your business or home best.


At Royal Gates Services, we talk to the client first. Your desires might be good but not suitable for your premises, our meeting enables us to display our professional expertise and recommend the right solution.

Gates are mostly looked at as security objects, but they offer much more. The gate to your home, personal space or business adds an appeal of professionalism to your surroundings. Although it is that simple, it is best to invest in the best today and enjoy safety and security forever.

Our goal is to add value, and whether you are looking for something unique, bespoke, or classic, there is a gate for you at Royal Gates Services. Our provision goes beyond family homes; we deal with complexes, condos, private properties, and commercial areas. 


We have spent decades fine-tuning what we do and have a package for you. Additionally, [post_title] residents know that quality and efficiency start and stops and Royal Gates Services. Whether your solution was off the internet or something from a neighbor’s compound, we can cater to your needs.


Royal Gates Services has trained, experienced and, qualified engineers that will help you through the process. Our installation team is perfection at its best, and we do it better than anyone.

Royal Gates Services offer an effectively beautiful and secure way to maintain your property or business without breaking the bank.

Looking for the gates of your dream? It starts with a call to (818) 743-2363 or an email to [email protected].

It’s your gate. It’s our service, Royal Gates Services, Toluca Lake.

Our Services


We do GATES. And do it well.

Royal Gates Services is a full-service gate company offering incredible service, mouth-watering warranties, second-to-none prices, and free quotes. Our clients know that we best are always at Royal Gates Services.

We are all things gates from gate installation, gate repair, commercial gate installation, and driveway. Our services extend to other areas like gate opener installation and repairs, gate maintenance, and more.

If it has to do with gates, call (818) 743-2363 now.

Are you in need of a gate service in [post_title], California? Perhaps your gate is acting up, and you do not know what to do. Call us Royal Gates Services immediately. We are one of the trusted gate service providers in the region, and our reputation precedes us.

Our technicians are exceptional at what they do. So whether the gate is at home or a business premises, our trained staff will get to your location and deliver an impeccable job to you.

We offer a wide selection of gate services and are connected with top manufacturers in the industry to give you the best. If you have a particular gate in mind, we can make it happen by contacting the manufacturer on your behalf.

However, our primary services are:

Gate Installation service

Royal Gates Services provide excellent workmanship, high-quality equipment, qualified & trained technicians, and professional customer services with every gate installation. We handle every home, business, or private property like ours and deliver only the best to keep you safe and the community beautiful. Size and distance are not a problem for us, and we will be on-site after all formalities are concluded over the phone or after a free consultation. If you do not have a gate at hand but are looking for one, we will advise, recommend and offer to handle the purchase process with the installation. Call us for a free estimate.
(818) 743-2363

Gate Repair or replacement

Like all things in life, gates will get damages or faulty with continuous use. When that happens, call the Royal Gates Services to check on it. While many gates will require repair, some gates need a complete overhaul. In such instances, we can do a replacement if you cannot afford a new one at the moment. We have experience in solving all types of gate issues regardless of size.
(818) 743-2363

Gate Maintenance

Today gates have gone past the iron bars that use latches to stay in place and a padlock to secure it. Gates are automated or electric and use motors with numerous wheels and nuts to function properly. Our maintenance team will check the moving parts of your gates at regular intervals to ensure it stays working all day, every day regardless of the weather or number of uses. Call Royal Gates Services at :
(818) 743-2363


We have served [post_title], California, for decades and understand the terrains, your reason for a gate, and the type of gate suitable for each situation. Gates are meant to beautify and protect your business or home. It is the first security barrier to unwanted access or entry but an opportunity to wow visitors to your home or business.

So why should you choose our service?

We are Royal Gates Services and treat our customers like royalty. We are in business because of YOU and will not bring down our value or compromise on quality for any reason. We are the best and determine to stay so to our clients and the services we provide.

We only use high-quality tools and equipment and recommend the same to our clients. Whether home or business, our choice is what is best for you during installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance. Additionally, we offer our customers access to the best gate makers so that you know that you are getting a 100% guarantee.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure that you work with the right team and benefit from our stellar performance. Our service is based on honesty, transparency, reliability, and understanding, so you can trust that every person that comes is vetted and ready to work.

We work with trained and qualified technicians. These professionals have dedicated their time, energy, and expertise to install, repair, replace and maintain all gates regardless of size.

You cannot beat our prices. We know the competition is stiff, and cash is tight, but at Royal Gates Services, we will get the job done on time and within the budget at no compromise or expense.

We use top-of-the-line products and techniques to install or repair your gate. Our advice to clients is, do not to settle for less no matter what.

So if you live in [post_title] and have a gate problem, you know the number to call.

Royal Gates Service at (818) 743-2363


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