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Looking for the best commercial gate service in Los Angeles? Then we are pleased to inform you that you just found us.

Royal Gates Services offer a great selection of commercial gates and services to match you company services. Whether you need trolley operated, jackshaft, or gear head, we have got your back.

Do not worry about your knowledge of commercial gates. Our technicians will educate you appropriately on your options and choose which is best for your business and purpose.

Call us at (323) 744-3883 for more information.

Commercial gates repair in Los Angeles

Jammed gates, cranky or noisy gates, that is not a good sign but do not worry. We are ready to help you fix whatever problem your gate has. 

Whether the gate won’t open or is slow in the opening, a faulty commercial gate is dangerous, and do not attempt to fix it on your own. Our experienced technicians will be at your premises in less than 30 minutes to have a thorough look and fix it.

If there is more to the problem, we will help you and your employees get into the office to work first. Then we will focus on handling the cause of the problem.

Commercial Gate Installation in Los Angeles

Your business is an investment you cannot afford to cut corners. Security is crucial, and a solid gate is your first line of defense. We have a team to install the gate, but our services start long before this last step.

We will help you sought out the right gate made with durable materials that are durable and designed to last. If you have the gate available, we will install it within the stipulated time frame with no distractions to your business flow.

Gate Maintenance

Commercial gates and traffics are synonymous, but no two peas in a pod. With constant opening and closing, you need a maintenance strategy in place to ensure your gate stay function without hiccups. Royal Gates Service offers cleaning, adjustment, realignment, lubrication, or parts replacement to your commercial gate.

Why choose us?

Gates are heavy and commercial gates can weigh up to 20,000 pounds. It means a faulty or improper installation is dangerous and can cause severe injuries or damages or even lead to death. To avoid this, call the professional team at Royal Gates Service at (323) 744-3883.

Our team is trained to handle all electric doors and follows all standard installation and repair criteria to ensure you are safe. Additionally, we have years of commercial installation under our belt and knowledge of different types too. 

We also educate our clients on the standards of operating a gate to keep their premises safe but ensure all workers are secure as they use this entry point to and from work daily.

So what are you waiting for? Do not settle for less with your commercial gates. Call Royal Gates Services at (323) 744-3883 now.