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Our automatic gate repair & installation service is a 24/7 round-the-clock service for Los Angeles residents and beyond. Automatic gates are convenient and perfect until there is a problem. Whether you have a pre-installed automatic gate with faults or looking to install a new one to safeguard your home, automatic gates are the best.

Royal Gates Service is the professional gate service provider in and around Los Angeles, and when it comes to automatic gate repairs and installation, we hold all the aces. Our automatic gate repair and installation includes driveway gates, commercial gates, and electric gates.

Each process, although different, uses only the best tools, techniques, and accessories. So if you need an automatic gate repair and installation service in Los Angeles, call (323) 744-3883 now.

Why do you need an automatic gate?

Convenience and ease are two reasons why you need an automatic gate installed or repaired on your property. However, like all things automated, it is safe, better, and appealing to many homeowners. 

Automatic gates are made from any type of materials, including steel, iron, wood, aluminum, vinyl, or mixed. Iron and steel gates are heavy, but they are designed to protect and secure your property.

Furthermore, automatic gates are beautiful and add a touch of luxury and finesse to your home or business, and being remote control is the cherry on the cake.

Automatic gate installation in Los Angeles

Do you have a gate on your property before, or are need to install one? We can help make your decision easier. Installing a gate is not for anyone, and do not even think of DIY. While they are just barriers, a lot goes into installing or replacing them.

If this is your first time, our technicians will do a property survey and make adequate preparation for where the gate should be. Additionally, we will take the time to discuss the options suitable for you and why it is what is best.

Automatic gate repairs in Los Angeles

Gates will spoil someday because they are opened and closed every day and more times a day. If your gate is giving you any type of problem, call us immediately before it escalates. Sometimes the repair could be minor, and the longer you manage the damage, the more damage you cause.

Why us?

We are experienced in all automatic gates, including dual slide, swing, overhead, and slide, and have the technical team to handle any installation or repairs.

Our guys are experts at what they do and have the training and certification to finish each service beyond your imagination.

We have a 24/7 emergency automatic gate repair service to ensure you are safe any time, day or night.

We use only the best tools, techniques, equipment, and material without compromises, even if it is coming from you – our client.

Your satisfaction is our success, and you are in good hands.

Do you need an automatic gate installation or repair service in the Los Angeles area?

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Your gates, our skills, your safety!