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Are you looking to secure your property even more? Do you have a long driveway and want the right gate to increase security on your premises? Perhaps your current driveway gate is faulty, and you cannot afford to leave it unattended.

Well, if any of the above is a case that sounds like you, you have a team in your backyard ready that offers the best service to you.

In the meantime, call (323) 744-3883 for more information.

Our driveway gate service is available for swing gates, single or double opener, double or single folding gates, and sliding gates of all types for automatic or electric gates. We provide the best residential driveway gate service and have a team to back up our expertise.

Driveway gate Installation in Los Angeles

Do you live in Los Angeles and have a long driveway to your front door? Then you need a driveway gate to monitor and restrict entrance to your property. Royal Gates Services will send a professional team to survey the point where the gate will be installed.

We will mark out the spot and start the preparation after all formalities have been met. The installation process takes a maximum of a week or more, depending on the choice of gate and installation area. Driveway gate installation is available with automatic and electric gates. Customers get to choose from various materials to suit their purpose and choice.

Driveway gate repair in Los Angeles

Do you have problems with your driveway gate in Los Angeles? Whether automatic or electric for residential or commercial premises, Royal Gates Services is the repair team you need. We offer a 24/7 driveway gate repair service to fix any challenge you have. Our emergency driveway service is available any time, day or night if you have a problem.

Why do you need a driveway gate repair service?

Your driveway is the pathway to your home, and while the decision to gate it is totally up to you, a gate adds more appeal and beauty to your home. Furthermore, a quality driveway gate adds extra security and increases the curb appeal if you are a real estate agent. Moreover, a gated driveway means your kids can play outside without your dotting eyes, and unwanted visitors can stay away politely.

Are you considering a driveway installation or repair service on your property? Look no further than Royal Gates Services driveway to get it done.

We are located in Los Angeles, California, and are ready to install your automated or electric gate on your property.

Our prices are affordable and highly competitive. Los Angeles residents know that a gated driveway is not a bank-breaking process with Royal Gates Services.

We have experienced installers that will quickly do the job to your satisfaction. Additionally, our repair team is the best too. So do not allow your driveway gate to go bad on your watch.

Call the Royal Gates Services at (323) 744- 3883 or send us an email at [email protected].