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An electric gate is an automatic gate with an electric motor that does the opening or closing for you, so you do not have to. While it makes your life easier and safer, it adds an extra layer of security to your property, as some have sensors that detect when trespassers arrive.

If you desire an electric gate in the Los Angeles area for whatsoever reason, there is one name that does exceptional gate jobs. Royal Gates Services has been making Californians proud for decades. We are known for providing high-quality electric gate openers, installing and repairing them for decades.

Call us on (323) 744-3883 for more information, or you can send us an email too.

At Royal Gates Services, we have a range of electric gate openers/motors to suit your home or business. Whether you have an old gate and want to improve its efficiency or you need a new one, we are the guys for the job. Our electric gate motors work will every style, design, size and weight of the gate.

Living in California means ample sunlight that must be utilized appropriately, and we have a renewable option for you. We offer solar-powered electric gates openers perfect for rainy days. For example, when the electric company has a problem or the weather gets the best of you.

Additionally, using solar-powered electric gate motors save you a ton of money on electricity and lowers your electric bill.

Electric gate installation in Los Angeles

Whether you have a gate before or looking to fix a new one, we can help you out. Our skillful and efficient technician will gladly sit with you to choose a gate suitable for your lifestyle, home, business, and appeal. In fact, we will go the extra mile to ensure its flow with other gates or styles in your neighborhood.

When the choosing process is over, we will install the gate. We will also include an electric monitor and other security equipment to make your premises secure and safe. If you are not ready to install the gate, it is not a worry too. Call on us when you are ready, and we will install it for you.

Electric gate repair in Los Angeles

Weather plays a significant part in the durability of your gate, and wear and tear is part of the process. If the electric gate is making noises, not opening or closing fast, stuck or jammed midway, call (323) 744-3883. We are available 24/7 and are ready to fix the problem.

Electric gate opener replacement or repair

Most times, when we get a call about an electric gate repair service, the gate is fine, but the electric motor is faulty.

 If this is the case, we have different style motors and brands to replace or enable us to repair the faulty part(s). 

Additionally, we advise all our customers to schedule a maintenance routine to check all movable parts and prevent expensive damage.

Why us?

If you have an electric gate on your property, it is crucial to ensure your technician is updated with the latest repair, installation, and replacement methods. A professional team is added sense of security to your home or business.

We have varieties of electric gates, including swing, slides, overhead, and even customized gates to suit your style.

Regardless of your gate style, size, or type, Royal Gates Services does automatic gates beautifully. Do not waste your time with quacks. Call (323) 744-3883 for high-quality installation, repairs, replacements, or maintenance.